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Pandora Charms & Bracelets

Wonderfully versatile and beautiful, PANDORA jewelry makes it easy for you to wear your favorite memories in a fun, fashionable, colorful way. A beautiful 14kt bead with tiny pink enamel ribbons on it can remind you of your own journey as a survivor or that of a loved one. An adorable little kitty bead is perfect for the cat lover. A tiny sleigh piled high with presents may be little, but on a charm bracelet or necklace it turns into something more long-lasting and magical…a loving reminder of the precious holiday memories you have shared with family and friends, plus a promise of all the ones yet to come.

John S. Cryan Jewelers is pleased to carry PANDORA jewelry for our customers in and around the Southampton, PA area. There are many different beads to choose from, ranging from solid colors to intricate symbols and objects. This allows complete personalization. For example, an adorable little baby carriage makes a splendid gift to a new or expecting mother. However, there are plenty of beads that are just pretty for the sake of pretty design and gemstones. The true joy in PANDORA jewelry is putting together personal beads together to create a stylish accessory that also tells a story of you.

Whether you want to build your collection of jewelry or are looking to create a memorable gift for someone else, you're sure to find something special in our PANDORA collection. Also, don't forget that you can accentuate with a favorite color or your children's birthstones or any other color that's meaningful to you or a gift recipient. The beads come in an array of materials such as semi-precious and precious stones, wood, and Murano glass to name a few.

New PANDORA jewelry is constantly being released, so this is an investment in something that can be continually changed out with your preference or season. Plus, this type of interchangeability presents ongoing opportunities for future gift-giving with an incredibly personal touch.

For the best selection of PANDORA charms and jewelry, stop by John S. Cryan Jewelers in Southampton, PA. If you have any questions, email us or give a call at (215) 357-8850. We're here to help you find the perfect jewelry for each of life's precious moments.