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January 2018
Rego Designs - Jewelry for Every Woman
December 2017
Rembrandt Charms - For Every Occasion
November 2017
Rose Gold - On Trend for Gold Jewelry
October 2017
October's Opal is Surrounded by Myth
September 2017
Diamond Engagement Rings – Tips for Women to Choose Diamond Engagement rings
August 2017
Mason Kay - Fine Jade and Jadeite Jewelry
July 2017
Remounted Diamond
Custom Created Surfer Ring
Bronzallure MILANO - Fine Italian Rose Gold Jewelry
June 2017
Know Your Diamond Cuts
May 2017
Two Tone Gold Engagement Ring Remount
Custom Platinum & Diamond Wedding Band
April 2017
Custom Remount Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring Remount
Diamonds are an April Baby's Best Friend!
March 2017
Aquamarine is the Stunning Sky Blue Birthstone for March
February 2017
February's Birthstone is the Dazzling Amethyst
January 2017
January's Birthstone is the Glorious Garnet
December 2016
Turquoise is December's Birthstone
November 2016
Topaz: The Perfect Birthstone for November
October 2016
Carla Corp
September 2016
Sapphires for September!
August 2016
Measuring the Purity of Gold
July 2016
July's Birthstone is the Fiery Red Ruby
June 2016
Lustrous Pearls, the Birthstone for June
May 2016
Celebrate Spring with Emerald
April 2016
Nicole Barr Jewelry
March 2016
Caravelle Watches
February 2016
Amethyst is February's Sparkling Purple Birthstone
January 2016
Special Valentine's Day Hours!
PANDORA Petals of Love
Platinum - More than just "Little Silver"
December 2015
This Christmas, change your status from 'Boyfriend' to 'Husband'
Holiday Charms at John S Cryan Jewelers
November 2015
Levy Creations - Fine and Memorable Jewelry in Southampton, PA
October 2015
The Beauty of Tourmaline
The Fiery Beauty of Opal Jewelry
September 2015
Wedding Rings from Whitehouse Brothers
August 2015
Sterling Silver Jewelry
July 2015
Herco Gold Jewelry
June 2015
Show Your Love For That Furry Family Member with Bark Beads
May 2015
John S. Cryan Understands How to Care for Quality Bulova Wristwatches
April 2015
Rembrandt Charms: Jewelry that Tells a Story
March 2015
The History of Engagement Rings
February 2015
CAD designed jewelry: Hows and Why
January 2015
PANDORA Jewelry: Telling Your Story Beautifully
December 2014
Turquoise, The Captivating Birthstone of December
November 2014
November's Famed Birthstone Topaz
October 2014
Opal is October's Birthstone
September 2014
Sapphire: The World's Gem
August 2014
The History of Sardonyx, August's Birthstone
July 2014
Understanding Ruby Treatments and Enhancement
Ruby is the Birthstone for July
June 2014
The History of the Pearl, June's Birthstone
Alexandrite is Also June's Birthstone
May 2014
Emerald is the Birthstone for May
April 2014
April's Birthstone: The Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut - The Most Versatile of All Diamond Cuts
March 2014
Jasper: An Alternative Birthstone for March
Aquamarine is one of March’s Birthstone
February 2014
Amethyst: The Birthstone for February
January 2014
January's Birthstone is Garnet
December 2013
Holiday Hours!
December's Birthstone is Tanzanite
December's Birthstone is Turquoise
November 2013
November’s Birthstone is Also Citrine
Topaz: November's Birthstone
October 2013
The October Birthstone is Opal
September 2013
The September Birthstone - Sapphire
August 2013
The August Birthstone - Peridot
June 2013
"Your help led me to picking out the perfect engagement ring"
June Birthstone - Pearl
May 2013
May Birthstone - Emerald
March 2018
December 2017
This is what service should be!
November 2017
Our rings are amazing!
July 2017
We have always had positive experiences...
Excellent experience
June 2017
Thank you so much for your help with my Opal project
Thank you for the pearl necklace
November 2015
Our family welcomes an opportunity to write a review for John S. Cryan Jeweler
October 2015
Great Customer Service!
Thanks for being my jeweler
September 2015
My Experience was Amazing!
August 2015
This Store is Exceptional!
July 2015
Best Quality and Highly Trusted
June 2015
I Have Known John Cryan Jewelers Since 1978
May 2015
John Gets a 5 Star Review!
August 2013
We will always be sure to refer you to all our friends and family!
July 2013
Excellent service staff and owner.
June 2013
Your help led me to picking out the perfect engagement ring.
May 2013
I never returned anything I bought at your store.
April 2013
I will recommend the store to others
March 2013
Wonderful place to shop.
December 2011
We are fortunate in this area to have your artistic expertise and workmanship.
October 2011
I am forever grateful for the help I received at your establishment.
When I put on my new set I nearly cried.
I have taken your advised and am planning a memorable proposal.
June 2011
I would definitely come back for future jewelry needs.
Very good experience. Very nice. Very helpful.
Very helpful with trusting experience.
Knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with
I feel confident to use her for all future jewelry purchases.
What a wonderful jewelry store.
Wonderful experience shopping at Cryan Jewelers
They know their customers by name.
It’s nice to have a family owned & run business as an option
Excellent service with a smile.
An overall great time.
Always helpful with repairs and alterations.
John & his staff are great!
May 2011
This has been my very best jewelry buying experience!
I will return in the future.
Very easy to deal with
Sales representatives are very knowledgeable
Associate had excellent recommendations
6 stars - Beyond excellent.
Very warm for customer service
March 2011
5 Stars!
February 2011
By far my jeweler of choice.
Very nice store.
It's a real pleasure to recommend him whenever we can.
I would very much recommend them to anyone!
I could not be happier with the quality of the jewelry
I will be back the next time I get in trouble!
Love the store.
December 2010
I still get many compliments on my rings!
November 2010
The only jewelry store I will go too!
He & his staff are amazing & loving.
August 2010
Thank you so much.
They always make me feel special.
Service is excellent.
Enjoy shopping here!
December 2008
I just wanted to thank you again for the time you gave me.
June 2008
Just wanted to thank you both for spending time with us designing it.
December 2004
My first visit to your store I was immediately impressed with the selection
January 2004
We are both delighted with the ring- it is perfect.
November 2003
Thank you so much for working with me so efficiently
October 2003
I’d like to personally thank you for the beautiful job that was accomplished on my ring.
August 2003
Thank you for creating my beautiful diamond ring
July 2003
Your involvement in making it such a special day is very meaningful and appreciated
June 2003
You are a wonderful person to work with!
April 2003
Jeff enjoyed shopping at your store and especially enjoyed your sense of humor and honesty.
October 2002
I cannot express how grateful I am to you
July 2002
You and your staff were so helpful, courteous, and accommodating in calming our stressful morning.
June 2002
I was happy to receive my original ring all polished up, thank you.
A most special thank you for your kind generosity
May 2002
I would like to thank you for the time help, and effort you contributed
Thank you for making all the specials occasions in our life ones that will always be remembered
March 2002
I am so happy with my new jewelry
February 2002
I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to you
September 2001
We simply could not have done this without your most generous assistance
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